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The Greek Ring

The Greek Ring is set to be published on the 18th of November 2021! Find out more about the book by clicking on the link below.


Follow the like below to get a carefully collated list of non-fiction books, fiction books and film recommendations across all genres by Richard Pim.

Interview With Richard Pim

Watch this exclusive interview of Richard Pim, explaining why he first put pen to paper many yers ago and decided to write the Greek Ring.

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The Greek Ring was officially published by Grosvenor House Publishing on the 18th on November 2021. Find out where you can purchase The Greek Ring below!

Movie Trailer

A trailer was filmed based on an early scene in the story of The Greek Ring, which gives some definition to the main characters. Richard Pim developed this scene by hiring professional actors and experienced cameramen.

Reaction review

The first review of The Greek Ring has been published by Bill Bowkett for Reaction Books Digest! It is a highly flattering review, praising Pim for allowing "the classical European characters and romantic backdrops to thrive". Overall, it describes the novel as "a valiant book that does the locale justice." You can find the whole review in the 'reviews' section of our website, or by following the link below to the reaction website:

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Forbears Books

The Greek Ring is now available to purchase in Fourbears! The shop is a local independant bookshop in Caversham which now proudly displays our novel in their store. If you would prefer to support a local business as opposed to purchasing The Greek Ring through a larger company such as Amazon then this is your opportunity!

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